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Highly accurate measuring service with faro laser trackers


Faro laser tracker is a high-accurate 3D portable coordinate measuring device, that enables you to build and dimensional wise control your product with the highest quality but with less time. It can also be used to help setting up your product to a boring mill. A laser tracker is commonly and widely used in machine building industry and it has a large measuring volume (up to 80 meters) and high accuracy (0,029-0,3 millimeters), that all ensures the best quality for your product.
In general, the tracker can be used for three types of measuring jobs:
Product building – For higher dimensional quality, a tracker can be used already in the first stages of a product construction. Because of the trackers ability to track movement in real time, it is easier for the worker to adjust parts to their right position. That way the correct measurements and machining allowances are ensured.
Product installing to a boring mill or setting up a portable machining device – That usually includes full dimensional measuring before machining to ensure, that there is enough material for machining. During measuring we install reference points on the product and later use them to track the movement of the product. With more complicated products, the amount of saved time can be massive.
Any dimensional control of a product – in what ever stage, before welding, after welding or after machining, we can measure all the dimensions required and the result is a dimensional control report. Also measuring can be done to skip trial fit by comparing different parts of a product with a 3D model.

Our operators are highly skilled – they have a massive experience with tracker measuring and they have passed the advanced training by FARO. We use a FARO laser tracker Vantage and it is maintained and calibrated by FARO

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